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where has all the Twilight love gone?

here's a must see interview with Stephenie Meyer for those of you

EW.com Stephenie Meyer on "Breaking Dawn"

i'm sorry about the lack of posts but i'm appalled with the way the internet community has received the final installment of the Twilight saga.  this was supposed to be a joyous, momentous occasion and instead it's been sullied with negativity and loathing.

my love for Twilight and Stephenie has not wavered, and hopefully things will be back to normal soon.
(however, i sadly doubt that the fan-base will ever be the same happy, non-vulgur fun that i once enjoyed)
Unabashed Enthusiasm for Ms. Meyer

I just finished the book! and i LOVED it! sadly I'm finding not many people share in my opinion. I've instantly begun to feel the unpleasant hostility now that I've rejoined the ranks of the relentless Twilight fan-mob (in an online capacity of course). People really don't like how the story panned out, it's a bit too mature for people with less life experience to grasp the elaborate concepts conveyed. So now we're left with an overwhelming amount of fans squirming in their seats, shying away from how realistically Meyer wrote the ending. They can't fathom how true to life it really is because they're not mature enough to see how shockingly real it would be if such things were possible. This is the essence of why I love Stephenie Meyer's work, as she has proven now in the completion of the Twilight saga, and will continue with The Host series and any other brilliant piece of literature she graces us with in the future. The absolute realism in the character relationships she divines within the supernatural is beyond comparison.

Because of this and no other reason I will be her loyal reader forever.


banner thanks to xo_daniellex3

Sorry for the lack of posts, been trying to avoid spoilers.. unsuccessfully. *cries*

I have the Eclipse playlist all downloaded now, just need to upload it and add my commentary. Hopefully i'll be able to upload the Breaking Dawn playlist soon afterwards.
I hope you all have fun at your Breaking Dawn parties! I'd like to see your pictures if you take any, so feel free to post them here as I will be posting mine.

See you when I'm done reading~


Okay, so i'm living through the dribs and drabs i'm receiving through the internet! hold on tight I'm going to posting to the best of what i find right here, so you don't have to sift through the chaos.

if this isn't proof enough that Twilight is GUARANTEED to be a hit then I don't know what is!

Kevin Kelly's Liveblog of Twilight Panel

The Cast's Introduction (video)

Catherine Hardwicke Wants to Do ‘New Moon’ (article)

ShockTilYouDrop.com- Audio Interviews

ShockTilYouDrop.com- Comic-Con Gallery UPDATE


“I just want to know how it is to play a super-hot vampire?” asked one young woman, during noise-punctuated question-and-answer session.

“I don’t know if I am playing,” Mr. Pattinson said. NY Times article here

EDIT 2: it's official, Rob was terrified!
LA Times Interview on youtube

EDIT 3: this interview confirms how much i love Stephenie Meyer EW Comic-Con 2008

ET Online @ Comic Con interesting.. although sexy is said far too often for my liking

Extended Ballet Studio scene

G4 Cast interview (video)

>>> more to come (will be added in edits)

NOTE: if you want to see the actual panel footage I'm sure you can find it easily enough, I'm just kind upset with it.  I think it's a worst case scenerio, and it's a shame it had to turn out that way. All of the interviews that happened before and after were more informative about the actors playing the parts and things they had to overcome.  I tried watching a couple versions of the panel on youtube, but got turned off at either commentary being made or the blood-curdling screams, so I stopped trying. 

Overall I'm happiest with the Stephenie Meyer interview, everytime I see one of her interviews I feel like I get to know her more and more.  I hope you guys enjoy it too! \(>o<)

p.s. my calendar shipped from Borders.com yesterday *dances*

ONE LAST THING I want to send a shout-out to nuttyhazel2009 for her enjoyable vblog of her experience at the con. you helped me feel like I was there too! in a good way! thanks!!


TT 07/22/08

So, today we all get a chance to get our questions answered by Stephenie.

Stephenie Meyer herself will be reading over all the posted comments in the next few days, and personally selecting her favorites.

here's what I posted:

go here to post yours!

also don't forget to check out Nikki Reed's interview here... and youtube link for non-americans here


Rachelle (Victoria) mentions Twilight, poutine, and other recent opportunities.

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andie1414 forwarded me this email from irewards this morning!

Breaking Dawn Book Trailer

Gorgeous video! this sent tingles down my spine when I watched it!
I suggest you do the same..

.. then go check out tiffanyd666 on youtube!!

Let your voice be heard!

We all loved the Entertainment Weekly article right? Popstar! Cafeteria photo shoot anyone?
Why not tell them how much we enjoyed it? They want to know what we think!
Who knows, if a majority of us write or email them with or thoughts maybe they'll give us more Twilight coverage!

Not sure of what to write?

examples hereCollapse )

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