August 4th, 2008

*NO SPOILERS* breaking dawn thoughts *NO SPOILERS*

Unabashed Enthusiasm for Ms. Meyer

I just finished the book! and i LOVED it! sadly I'm finding not many people share in my opinion. I've instantly begun to feel the unpleasant hostility now that I've rejoined the ranks of the relentless Twilight fan-mob (in an online capacity of course). People really don't like how the story panned out, it's a bit too mature for people with less life experience to grasp the elaborate concepts conveyed. So now we're left with an overwhelming amount of fans squirming in their seats, shying away from how realistically Meyer wrote the ending. They can't fathom how true to life it really is because they're not mature enough to see how shockingly real it would be if such things were possible. This is the essence of why I love Stephenie Meyer's work, as she has proven now in the completion of the Twilight saga, and will continue with The Host series and any other brilliant piece of literature she graces us with in the future. The absolute realism in the character relationships she divines within the supernatural is beyond comparison.

Because of this and no other reason I will be her loyal reader forever.